Psa Disc Psa Sandpaper

Psa Disc Psa Sandpaper

The silicon carbide psa disc is specially used for stone, glass and other non-metal material.

    psa disc psa sandpaper

    psa disc.jpg

    PSA disc, also known as psa sandpaper, back nap, flocking sandpaper, etc. Psa disc is made of alumina, silicon carbide abrasive and psa backing. Among them, the silicon carbide psa disc is used for non-metal, glass, plastic, with a sticky disk for grinding, polishing, grinding, cutting, rust and other effects.

    psa disc features

    The psa disc.jpg uses strong adhesion, same grinding force as ordinary sandpaper, easy to use. The psa disc is often used for grinding, polishing, etc. The size can be customized.

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