Velcro Sandpaper Polishing Disc

Velcro Sandpaper Polishing Disc

This velcro sandpaper is cheap, uniform in particle size and wear-resistant, especially suitable for grinding of furniture wood, effectively removing burrs

    velcro sandpaper

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    Velcro sandpaper is also a kind of sandpaper. It is a kind of conversion product of sandpaper. The shape is a perfect circle. It is made of sandpaper roll, or double-sided tape, and then put on a punching machine to cut with a special circular die. The stamped product is velcro sandpaper.

    This velcro sandpaper is professional, safe, efficient, low-cost, etc. Velcro sandpaper is mainly used for rust removal, paint removal, deburring, and soldering of various complex surfaces of metal and non-metal materials in furniture, automobiles, yachts and other industries.

    velcro sandpaper use:

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    1. Metal products such as stainless steel knife, cutlery, insulation cup

    2. Watch accessories, case strap

    3. Golf clubs, ball surface treatment

    4. Deburring of surface of hardware casting

    5. Building hardware, hinge hinges and locks

    6. Hardware lighting products and accessories

    7. Aluminum bicycle frame rim polishing 15679940413.

    8.VCD panel and mobile phone case drawing

    9. Hardware bathroom products

    10. Electroplated products surface drawing treatment

    11. Aluminum heat sink deburring

    12. Stainless steel pipe with surface zipper

    13. Grinding and polishing of various plates

    velcro sandpaper.jpg

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