Velcro Hook And Loop

Velcro Hook And Loop

1. Cost-effective
2. high quality
3. Long service life
4. Strong adhesion strength
5. Environment- friendly

    velcro hook and loop

    velcro hook and loop.jpgVelcro hook and loop is divided into two kinds, adhesive sandpaper disc and velcro disc(also known as self-adhesive sandpaper disc and brushed disc sandpaper); Velcro hook and loop and is nonporous brushed disc Sandpaper and perforated disc sandpaper with holes. Velcro hook and loop has a wide range of applications, and the efficiency of sanding products is very high, which is quicker, more convenient and less lossy than conventional hand grinding.

    Application of the velcro hook and loop

    This velcro hook and loop is cheap and has a uniform abrasive. Velcro hook and loop is especially suitable for the grinding of furniture wood and effectively removes burrs.

    velcro hook and loop.jpg

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