Hookit Sanding Discs Sanding Velcro

Hookit Sanding Discs Sanding Velcro

1. Economical
2. high quality
3. Long service life
4. Strong adhesion strength
5. Environment- friendly

    hookit sanding discs

    hookit sanding discs.jpgThis hookit sanding discs are the disc made of advanced alumina abrasives with excellent grinding and durability. In the roughing process, high-temperature resin glue and high-strength substrate can be used to maximize the durability of the product. In the finishing process, a softer and more flexible substrate can be used to produce a smoother surface. The surface is blocked by the coating to avoid clogging of the abrasive particles and maximize the performance of the hookit sanding discs.

    hookit sanding discs.jpgApplication of the hookit sanding discs

    1. Good toughness: hookit sanding discs are not easy to crack during the work

    2. Waterproof treatment: after waterproof treatment, use more widely

    3. Anti-accident: strong adhesion, making it safer and safer to fly

    4. It is not easy to sand: a unique electrostatic sanding process, a piece of sandpaper can be reused

    5. Gravel uniformity: Unique electrostatic sand-grown sanding to make the gravel even and full

    6. High durability: normal grinding and polishing, one piece of sandpaper can be reused

    product pictures
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