Hook And Loop Velcro

Hook And Loop Velcro

Size:Round(50/100/115/125/150/180/225mm), Triangle(90x90x90/140x140x140mm), Rectangle(93x230/115x280mm)
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    hook and loop velcro

    hook and loop velcro.jpgThe hook and loop velcro disc, made of domestic high-quality paper, paper softness is excellent, paper base is not delaminated, hook and loop velcro disc can be arbitrarily smashed, paper will not be rotten, sand grain sharpness is excellent, the hook and loop velcro disc can be repeatedly polished, using sandpaper invisible technology, with wet and dry double Grinding function. This hook and loop velcro disc can be made into a variety of shapes such as separate, round, and square.

    hook and loop velcro.jpgThe hook and loop velcro disc has good polishing and polishing effects on furniture, paint surface, electronic polishing, leather, musical instruments, molds and so on. The price advantage of this hook and loop velcro disc in the same industry is obvious, sharp grinding, efficient grinding, anti-blocking and wear-resistant. The hook and loop velcro disc can be polished with water to improve the wear resistance to a greater extent. Faster, more efficient and more effective than hand-grinding products.

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