Adhesive Disc China Velcro Disc

Adhesive Disc China Velcro Disc

REX adhesive disc is made of aluminum abrasive, Class C,D or E weight paper, full resin. Adhesive disc is generally used for raw wood, metal, etc.

    adhesive disc

    adhesive disc.jpgThe adhesive disc is a special-shaped product of the sandpaper polishing product series. Its shape is a perfect circular shape. Adhesive disc is made of sandpaper/cloth roll. After processing according to the needs, the adhesive disc is put on the punching machine with a special round mold. Cutting, the product punched out is the disc.

    Classification of adhesive disc

    adhesive disc.jpgThe substrate is divided into three types, paper base, cloth base and plastic base.

    They are divided into two categories according to their use: non-porousadhesive disc and perforated round adhesive disc.

    They are divided into two categories according to the use process: a rubberized adhesive disc (also known as self-adhesive disc sand) and a back pile adhesive disc (named a brushed disc sand).

    product pictures
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