Abrasive Paper

Abrasive Paper

Size:Round(50/100/115/125/150/180/225mm), Triangle(90x90x90/140x140x140mm), Rectangle(93x230/115x280mm)
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    abrasive paper

    abrasive paper.jpgAbrasive paper is also a kind of abrasive products. The abrasive paper is a kind of conversion product of sandpaper. The shape is a perfect circle. Abrasive paper is made of sandpaper velvet, or double-sided adhesive, and then put on a punching machine to cut with a special circular die. The stamped product is disc sandpaper. Classification of disc sandpaper

    Abrasive paper can be divided into two types according to the composition of the sticking compound, adhesive disc sandpaper and back pile disc sandpaper (also known as self-adhesive disc sandpaper and brushed disc sandpaper); 'brushed disc sandpaper and For non-porous brushed disc sandpaper and perforated disc sandpaper.

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