hook and loop discs

hook and loop discs

Size:Round(50/100/115/125/150/180/225mm), Triangle(90x90x90/140x140x140mm), Rectangle(93x230/115x280mm) Grit:24/40/60/80/100/120/180/200/220/240/280/300/320/400#
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    hook and loop discs

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    The hook and loop discs are made of abrasive alumina, semi-grafted sand, C-D grade paper base. The quality is similar to the item: 236U,255P of 3M, and the golden from Mirka. The hook and loop discs are suitable for fine grinding of car bodies and paint removal of wood and plastic products, the surface of sand layer is not easily blocked.

    Advantage of hook and loop discs:

    1. Cost-effective

    2. high quality

    3. Long service life

    4. Strong adhesion strength

    5. Environment- friendly

    Why us?

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