125mm Floor Sanding Discs

125mm Floor Sanding Discs

Size:Round(50/100/115/125/150/180/225mm), Triangle(90x90x90/140x140x140mm), Rectangle(93x230/115x280mm)
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    125mm floor sanding discs

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    125mm floor sanding discs are widely used in furniture and wood products grinding, polishing, automobile manufacturing, metal polishing, as well as polished wall polishing. And supporting the use of sticky disk, easy to use, simple, low cost wood products, metal products polished polished products.

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    125mm floor sanding discs are only by selecting the appropriate sandpaper model, a reasonable grinding process, the correct combination of particle size, in order to play the superiority of product grinding, economy, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece.

     Ideal temperature: 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃ Ideal humidity: 40% ~ 65% 

    velcro sheets.jpg125mm floor sanding discs should not be stored in places with large changes in temperature and humidity, the temperature is too high will make the binder aging, reducing the service life of sandpaper; synthetic substrate sandpaper (such as polyester cloth belt) is more sensitive to the cold, not Store in a cold warehouse. Humidity is too high or too low sandpaper will have some deformation, these deformation will reduce the sandpaper bond strength. In particular, the impact of excessive humidity on the sandpaper is more serious, in addition to water-resistant sandpaper, sandpaper generally damp use, are prone to discounts, wrinkles and other phenomena leaving the sandpaper scrapped. In addition, when the sandpaper sand damp grinding easy to adhere to the sandpaper surface, reducing the service life of 125mm floor sanding discs.

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