Strip It Disc Clean Disc

Strip It Disc Clean Disc

Color: Black, blue, purple
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    strip it disc

    strip it disc.jpgThis strip it disc uses a fiber mesh as the carrier, the use of elastomers, the sharp abrasive solid adhered to the fibrous web. When the high-speed polishing the product, abrasive sand will not fall off, the strip it disc has a long service life.

    Features of the strip it disc:

    Safety, uniform grinding force, uniform processing results, wear resistance, water resistance, plasticity, good softness, for a variety of shapes to be polished, the polishing surface of the dirt does not clog the slit, increases the surface adhesion of this strip it disc; cutting control, the strip it disc will not harm the surface to be polished; no rust, no shedding, small grinding sound, less dust.

    use of the strip it disc:

     Metal welding, removal of oxides and dirt before and after melting.

     Remove all kinds of surface coatings, protective paints and insulating paints, such as the car body.

     Clean and rust-proof metal surfaces.

     Clean the injection molding machine's injection shaft.

     Remove the stain on the concrete wall panel.

     Residual fuel and rubber gaskets on the rocket engine.

     Clearance of cylinder rings.

     Factory equipment cleaning and maintenance to remove small dirt and hard blocks on the surface

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