Strip And Clean Disc

Strip And Clean Disc

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    strip and clean disc

    strip and clean disc.jpgThe strip and clean disc is used for surface re-cleaning work with strong cleaning power. long life. Suitable for "straight grinding machine", the main function is rust removal, paint removal, cleaning, etc. during maintenance and maintenance. Strip and clean disc can replace traditional wire brush, and the strip and clean disc will not have metal pollution and danger.

    advantage of the strip and clean disc:


    Non-metallic, unlike wire brushes can hurt people.

    ·The grinding force is uniform and the processing result is uniform.

    Since the distribution of the sulphur sand on the weaving dimension is uniform, when the surface layer is worn out, the new velvet can be immediately exerted and the processing result is uniform.

    · Strong water resistance.

    Special weaving materials are resistant to water and oil.

    · Strong plasticity.

    strip and clean disc has good softness and is suitable for the body to be polished of various shapes.

    • Dirt does not clog the lint seams.

    After the loss of the lint, the new suede is naturally formed, and the dirt does not block the slit, so that the polished surface is always as new.

    • Increase the surface adhesion of the object to be polished.

    Grinding velvet can leave ultra-fine marks on the surface of the object, increasing the real surface area, which is conducive to the adhesion effect of painting, painting and baking.

    · Control cutting.

    Do not excessively cut the object to be polished, resulting in defective products.

    ·Do not rust or fall off.

    Safe, easy to use, will not rust, fall off, and cannot be used like a wire brush

    · A safe working environment.

    Noise, dust, and mistakes are taboos on safe work. Industrial use Bailey grinding, submerged sound is small, less dust, providing users with a comfortable working environment.

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