Quick Strip Disc

Quick Strip Disc

Color: Black, blue, purple
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    quick strip disc

    quick strip disc.jpgThe quick strip disc is a multi-functional nylon fiber grinding wheel series. Our company introduces foreign technology, uses a full set of imported equipment from the United States, and combines domestic conditions to gather the advantages of current grinding wheel, angle grinding piece, hundred impeller, etc., and research and development of environmentally friendly software. Highly wear-resistant, high-efficiency quick strip disc.

    Quick strip disc is made of high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as a substrate, and combines resin elastomer and high-quality silicon carbide with a special process to form a high-strength, high-wear, honeycomb-like, soft-grinding wheel. The traditional grinding products are sharper and more wear-resistant. The quick strip disc ais ideal tool for surface treatment such as paint removal, rust removal and descaling. This series of products is comparable to the US 3M black quick strip disc, 3M black diamond grinding piece, 3M black diamond polishing wheel,

    The Grinding efficiency and service life of quick strip disc is comparable to 3M black diamond grinding wheel, which is an ideal substitute for 3M black diamond non-woven wheel and black diamond polishing wheel.

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