Quick Poly Strip Disc For Grinding

Quick Poly Strip Disc For Grinding

Color: Black, blue, purple
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    quick poly strip disc for grinding

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    The poly strip disc is made of silicon carbide abrasive, nylon and glue. With strong grinding force, wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics.

    Advantagesof the poly strip disc: safety, even grinding power, uniform processing results, wear resistance, strong water resistance, strong plasticity, good softness, suitable for various shapes of the ground body, dirt will not clog the grinding surface, increase the surface of the grinding article Focus on; control the cutting, will not harm the surface of the material being ground; the poly strip disc will not rust, does not fall off, the grinding sound is small, and the dust is less.

    Application of the poly strip disc:

    Metal welding, removal of oxides and dirt before and after welding.

     Remove all kinds of surface coatings, protective paints and insulating paints, such as car body.

     Clean and rust-proof metal surfaces.

     Clean the injection shaft of the injection molding machine.

    ☉ Remove blemishes on concrete siding.

     Residual fuel and rubber gaskets on rocket engines.

     Clearance of cylinder bores.

     Clean and maintain the equipment in the factory to remove fine dirt and lump on the surface.

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