Paint Removal Disc China Strip Disc

Paint Removal Disc China Strip Disc

1. Economical
2. high quality
3. Long service life
4. Strong adhesion strength
5. Environment- friendly

    paint removal disc

    paint removal disc.jpgPaint removal disc is a kind of polishing product with better grinding effect and safer grinding force than general angle grinding piece and hundred impeller. The processing result ot the paint removal disc is uniform, wear resistance, strong water resistance, strong plasticity and good softness. The shape is polished, the dirt will not block the fine surface of the grinding surface, increase the surface adhesion of the paint removal disc; control the cutting without harming the surface of the object to be polished; no rust, no falling off, small grinding sound, less dust, and the like.

    Application of the paint removal disc:

    paint removal disc.jpgThe paint removal disc can remove general coatings and polished surfaces for stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, plastic, cement, wood and stone surfaces. Paint removal disc is applicable to automobile manufacturing and repair industry, construction industry, chemical light industry, shipbuilding and repairing industry, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, decoration and decoration industry, municipal engineering, and self-repair industry.

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