Auto Paint Stripper Cleaning Disc

Auto Paint Stripper Cleaning Disc

Size:50/63/75/100/115/125/150/180mm Color: Black, blue, purple Customized: Yes Offer sample: Yes

    auto paint stripper

    auto paint stripper.jpgThe auto paint stripper is made of high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as a substrate, and the resin elastomer and high-quality diamond are combined by a special process to form a high-strength, high-wear, honeycomb, soft-grinding wheel. The auto paint stripper is sharper and more wear-resistant than traditional abrasive products. It is an ideal tool for surface treatment such as paint removal, rust removal and descaling, and this auto paint stripper can achieve better quality than other grinding wheels, steel brushes, abrasive cloths and other tools.

    auto paint stripper.jpgThe auto paint stripper does not damage the surface of the object, greatly reduces the time of work, greatly improves the efficiency, saves a lot of labor, and creates greater economic benefits for you. Auto paint stripper can be used for stainless steel. Low carbon steel, aluminum. Plastic, cement, wood. Polishing and polishing of stone surfaces

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