4 Inch Quick Strip Wheel

4 Inch Quick Strip Wheel

Color: Black, blue, purple
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    4 inch quick strip wheel

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    The 4 inch quick strip wheel can remove the general coating and polished surface, the 4 inch quick strip wheel can be also used for stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, plastic, cement, wood and stone surface. The strip wheel is applied to the automobile manufacturing and repair industry, construction industry, chemical light industry, shipbuilding and repair industry, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, decoration industry, municipal engineering, and self-repair industry.


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    ☉ metal welding, dissolved before and after the oxide, dirt removal.

    ☉ remove a variety of surface coatings, protective paint and insulating paint, such as bodywork.

    ☉ metal surface cleaning and rust prevention.

    ☉ Injection molding machine injection shaft clean.

    ☉ Remove stains on the concrete wallboard.

    ☉ Residual fuel and rubber gasket on rocket engine.

    ☉ cylinder ring clear.

    ☉ factory equipment cleaning and maintenance to remove the surface of small dirt and lumps.


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    The normal packing is 10 pcs/shrink, 100/200pcs for one carton.

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