Zirconia Abrasive Belts

Zirconia Abrasive Belts

1. Economical
2. high quality
3. Long service life
4. Strong adhesion strength
5. Environment- friendly

    zirconia abrasive belts

    zirconia abrasive belts.jpgThe zirconia abrasive belts belong to a coated abrasive, and the zirconia abrasive belts are composed of zirconium corundum, a binder, an abrasive belt (abrasive cloth, paper, etc.).Zirconia abrasive belts are proud of its abrasive grain hardness, high toughness value, high strength, fine crystal size and good wear resistance, which makes it have good self-sharpness to maintain its excellent cutting performance and sand. The zirconia abrasive belts have good wear resistance.

    Zirconia abrasive belts grinding characteristics

    zirconia abrasive belts.jpgDuring the entire grinding process, the zirconia abrasive belts have a new cutting edge, which can maintain the sharpness of the abrasive grains and increase the smoothness of the workpiece to be ground. In particular, the third coating of the zirconia abrasive belts have a self-lubricating effect, which reduces the temperature of the grinding zone and forms a cold grinding. Zirconia abrasive belts are mainly used for heavy-duty grinding, and are suitable for grinding heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy and austenitic stainless steel.

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