36 Inch Belt Grinder Belts

36 Inch Belt Grinder Belts

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    36 inch belt grinder belts

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    The 36 inch belt grinder belts has a very good self-sharpening ability, it can maintain its excellent cutting performance, and the 36 inch belt grinder belts is suitable for heavy load and large margin cutting; during the whole grinding process, new sharp edges are constantly generated, and the sharpness of the abrasive grain is maintained. Degree, increase the finish of the workpiece being polished; especially the third coating of zirconia corundum belt, with self-lubricating effect, reduce the temperature of the grinding zone, the formation of cold grinding, the possibility of burning the workpiece is greatly reduced; the 36 inch belt grinder belts is especially suitable Grinding of stainless steel and high temperature tempered steels; zirconium corundum products have a long service life and a good cost performance ratio.


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    The 36 inch belt grinder belts are suitable for metal grinding, especially stainless steel castings, golf club heads, titanium alloys, superhard alloys, etc.

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