Abrasive Sanding Belt

Abrasive Sanding Belt

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    abrasive sanding belt

    abrasive sanding belt.jpgThe calcined abrasive sanding belt is made of calcined abrasive cloth and glue, abrasive sanding belt‘s own quality is light, and the equilibrium state of the grinding process structure system is easy to control, all the rotating parts wear very little, and there is no imbalance factor like the grinding wheel. The calcining abrasive sanding beltgrinding process has great flexibility and adaptability. This is mainly because the calcined abrasive sanding belt can be easily used for the grinding of planes, inner and outer circles and complex curved surfaces, and design a belt grinding machine. The head unit can be mounted on a lathe as a functional part for grinding after the car, or abrasive sanding belt can be mounted on a planer.

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