Wide Wood Sanding Belts

Wide Wood Sanding Belts

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    wide wood sanding belts

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    The wide wood sanding belts is a form of grinding of coated abrasives (commonly known as sandpaper, emery cloth). As early as 1760, the first sandpaper appeared in the world, but it was limited to manual operations. Until 1900 to 1910, it entered the era of machinery using sandpaper and emery cloth, and it was first applied to the timber industry in an endless belt shape. This type of mechanical grinding using an annular belt-shaped emery cloth is the prototype of belt grinding. After 1930, wide wood sanding belts grinding gradually developed toward metal processing. In the Second World War, the United States took the lead in the use of abrasive belts in the manufacture of weapons to achieve significant results. At the beginning of 1950, the emergence of electrostatic sand-planting method brought abrasive belt grinding to a new stage, and wide wood sanding belts grinding applications became commonplace. Later, in Europe and Japan, the research and application of abrasive belt grinding technology were successively carried out. The wide wood sanding belts grinding technology gradually developed into an independent processing technology field with complete categories and complete technical systems.

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    The wide wood sanding belts are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, light industry, leather, wood, building materials, textile printing and dyeing industries. Grinding and polishing of plywood, particle board, decorative boards, bamboo products and rattan products; Grinding and polishing of complex surfaces such as stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal plates and blades; Water and oils for metallic and non-metallic materials Grinding, large surface grinding: Polishing and lapping of leather, rubber, and fabric.

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