Wide Sanding Belts Sanding Aluminum

Wide Sanding Belts Sanding Aluminum

1. Economical
2. high quality
3. Long service life
4. Strong adhesion strength
5. Environment- friendly

    wide sanding belts sanding aluminum

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    The wide sanding belts are made of alumina emery cloth, is a soft cloth base belt, is a red corundum abrasive; wide sanding belts are widely used in the grinding of alloys, glass, non-ferrous metals, etc., with heat and water resistance, suitable for dry grinding, can be added cooling The agent has good grinding effect; wide sanding belts can also be used for the fine processing of the furniture surface and can achieve excellent grinding effect.

    Range of use: The wide sanding belts are suitable for stainless steel, furniture, mechanical polishing and other sharp cutting, fast heat dissipation, durable use, suitable for stainless steel, iron, metal polishing and other use.

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