Grinding Belts Sanding Aluminum

Grinding Belts Sanding Aluminum

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    grinding belts.jpgThe grinding belts adopt electrostatic sand-grinding technology, high-strength resin, selected abrasives, and a coated abrasive tool which is processed by the assembly line. Grinding belts have certain strength and toughness and is suitable for processing into various abrasive belts and special-shaped products. The grinding belts are suitable for grinding of public construction such as machinery and metal wood, and has high production efficiency. Grinding belts can be customized according to the requirements of the majority of users. Applicable to furniture industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, mechanical light industry, stainless steel products and decoration industry, repairing complex surface, repairing weld, deburring, derusting and so on. Grinding belts have the advantages of simple assembly, low noise, smooth operation and uniform surface treatment.

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     It is suitable for grinding and polishing in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, hardware, plastics, melamine, building materials, automobile, leather, textile and other industries. The effect of the grinding belts is clearly received!

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