6 X 48 Sanding Belts

6 X 48 Sanding Belts

Size:13x457/50x686/75x457/75x533/100x610/100x915mm Grit:24/40/60/80/100/120/180/200/220/240/280/300/320/400/600#
Customized: Yes
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    6 x 48 sanding belts

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    This 6 x 48 sanding belts is Sanling Materials GXK51 as raw material, is a ring coated abrasive, abrasive corundum, which is characterized by high rate of cut, sharp wear-resistant, long service life, and the workpiece has a good grinding fit. The range of 6 x 48 sanding belts grit sizes is from 40# to 600#.

    6 x 48 sanding belts are suitable for all kinds of sanding and grinding. Widely used for metallurgy, machinery, light industry, leather, metal, wood, sheet grinding and polishing. The 6 x 48 sanding belts can be used independently, without any auxiliary belt. Need to use sander washers, contact pulley. All products have high tensile strength and maximum tension.

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