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Why The Wall? The Importance Of Sandpaper Polishing
May 31, 2017

Wall grinding is a very important part of wall decoration, which is an important means to improve the flatness, fineness and final effect of the wall. In order to be able to observe the flatness of the wall at any time during the day or night, be sure to hold a light bulb at least 200 watts. Meanwhile, the selection of wall sandpaper not the thicker the better, is not the finer the better, generally first from fine sandpaper began to try to play, can not move rough sandpaper, but the final general still need to use fine sandpaper again, to ensure that the wall is meticulous, no scratches. Good decoration workers in order to improve the owner of the wall of the service life, will recommend the use of waterproof putty, even if grinding a little more difficult.

In addition, waterproof putty best in the wall after 3 days of grinding, at this time, the strength is low, the surface structure is not solid, grinding up more labor-saving. In order to achieve better results, you can first use 120 purpose coarse sandpaper grinding the first time, and then with 360 mesh of fine sandpaper polished the second time. The bonding strength of putty directly determines the life and water resistance of the future, and under the condition of permitting, the long-term cost-performance ratio of the waterproof putty with higher bonding strength is higher.

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