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Which Industry Market Is Used In The Sand Belt
May 31, 2017

Abrasive belt grinding, grinding use has been in rapid progress and development, in various industries have been used, and more and more widely. such as metal, machinery, 3C Communications, electronic and electrical appliances, furniture manufacturing, aerospace and machinery manufacturing and other precision manufacturing applications. Polishing the complex structural parts of the tower, the application of abrasive belt grinding has been enlarged, and the quality of the sand belt and the variety technology have been raised.

The use of abrasive belts mainly includes

Metal processing industry: non-ferrous Metals, ferrous Metals category;

Sheet metal Processing industry: The original plank, the chamber board, fibreboard, particleboard, veneer board, furniture, building materials and other;

Sand belt in ceramics, leather, fiber, paint, plastic and rubber products, stone and other industries.

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