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What Is Automotive Clean And Stripping Disc
Jul 31, 2017


Automotive paint stripper is made of nylon, silicon carbide and glue.


Clean and strip disc mainly remove the general coating and polishing surface, it can be used for stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, plastic, cement, wood and stone surface. Clean disc is applicable to the automobile manufacturing repair industry, construction industry, chemical light industry, shipbuilding and repair industry, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, decoration decoration industry, municipal engineering, and self-repair industry.


The clean and strip disc is safe, grinding force uniformity, uniform processing results, wear resistance, strong water resistance, good plasticity, good softness, suitable for a variety of shapes were grinding body, dirt will not plug the grinding surface slit, increase the surface adhesion of the grinding; Control the cutting, will not hurt the surface of the workpiece; do not rust, do not fall off, grinding sound small, less dust and so on. 

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