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Treatment Of Abrasive Belt Before Use
May 31, 2017

Sand belt storage is important, but the use of sand belt before the correct treatment will still seriously affect its performance.

Hanging of abrasive belts

The abrasive belt shall be hoisted for a minimum of 2-5 days before use, with the aim of eliminating the curl resulting from packing. The strip is hoisted in a 100-200mm diameter pipe or a dedicated belt support bracket. The length of the pipe shall be greater than the width of the sand belt, or the sand belt may fall off or produce a trumpet; The environmental temperature and humidity of the hanging sand belt should conform to the storage condition of the sand belt, the simplest method is to keep dry in a sealed room with a few 40W or 64W bulbs.

Appearance check

The Hanging sand belt should be inspected before using the necessary appearance quality, see whether the sand belt joint is flat, firm, sand belt surface has no holes, sand regiment, sand, plastic spots, wrinkles; the edge of the belt is neat and has no cracks, the edge if there is a small fissure, after pruning (cut into a circular arc) does not affect the use.

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