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The Structure And Working Principle Of Grinding Disc
May 31, 2017

The grinding disc comprises a platter, a cushion plate and a grinding piece; The top platter comprises a number of riveting elements, a positioning plate, a roof, a bolt, a positioning plate and a nut.

The utility model adopts the means of improving the bolt structure, first by using the card of the bolt itself and the central hole of the roof to provide the level accuracy, and then fixing the Conca by the angle of the lower more than a-angle fixed part and the bottom plate to provide vertical accuracy, A grinding disk with good stability and stable rotation is provided. In addition, with the Screw thread section, the card and the external diameter of the fixed part of the different design, so that the bolt is not easy to loose, with internal components are not easy to wear and the user is not due to the grinding disc unstable rotation caused by hand acid hemp advantages.

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