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Storage Of Sand Belts
May 31, 2017

The storage of sand belt is very important for the use of sand belt, especially for the wide sand belt. The ideal storage condition and reasonable storage method can ensure that the belt is used in the best condition.

Temperature and humidity requirements

The sand belt should not be stored in the place where the temperature and humidity change is bigger, the ideal temperature is: 18 220c; The ideal humidity is: 40-65, too high temperature will make binder aging, reduce the life of the belt. Synthetic fiber matrix sand belt (such as polyester cloth sand belt) is more sensitive to cold, and can not be stored in cold warehouse.

Too much humidity or too low will make the sand belt to produce a certain deformation, and deformation will reduce the adhesive strength of sand belt rubber layer. In particular, the impact of excessive humidity on the sand belt is more serious. In addition to water-resistant sand belt, the general sand belt after the use of moisture, are prone to discounts, wrinkles and other phenomena, such as the Sand Belt machine scrap. In addition, the abrasive belt grinding is easy to adhere to the surface of the abrasive belt to reduce the service life of the abrasive belt. The effect of high temperature and low humidity on the paper base sand belt makes the paper base sand belt brittle, and it is easy to break and scrap when using.

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