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Several Characteristics Of Abrasive Belt Grinding Technology
May 31, 2017

I. Grinding performance

Abrasive belt grinding is a kind of elastic grinding, is a kind of grinding, grinding, polishing a variety of effects of composite processing technology.

II. Abrasive grains of abrasive belts

Abrasive grains on abrasive belts have stronger cutting capacity than abrasive grains, so the grinding efficiency is very high. The abrasive belt grinding efficiency is high in its removal rate, grinding ratio (the ratio of the workpiece weight to the abrasive wear weight) and the power utilization ratio of the machine tool is three. At present, the removal rate of the steel with the known abrasive belt grinding has reached 700mm s, even more than turning or milling. The abrasive belt is much more abrasive than the grinding wheel, up to 300:1 or even 400:1, while the grinding wheel is only 30:1. The power utilization ratio of abrasive belt grinder has reached 80% in the early stage of abrasive belt grinding, leading to other machine tools, now up to 96%, in contrast, grinding wheel grinder is only 52%, milling 57%, lathe 65%, so abrasive belt grinding is also a very good energy-saving processing technology.

III. Cold Grinding

Abrasive belt grinding workpiece surface quality is high. In addition to its grinding, grinding and polishing of the multiple functions, but also because: relative grinding wheel grinding, abrasive belt grinding has "cold grinding", that is, the grinding temperature is low, the workpiece surface is not easy to appear burn phenomenon.

IV. Grinding Vibration

The abrasive belt grinding system has small vibration and good stability. Because the sand belt itself is light in quality, the balance state of the grinding process structure system is easy to control, and all the rotating parts (such as contact wheel, driving wheel, tensioner wheel, etc.) wear very little, so the dynamic unbalance factor of the grinding wheel will not happen.

In addition, the elastic grinding effect of the abrasive belt can greatly reduce or absorb the vibration and shock caused by grinding. The grinding speed is stable, the abrasive belt drive wheel will not grind as the grinding wheel, the smaller the diameter the slower the speed.

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