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More Oders For Paint Removal Disc
Sep 29, 2018

paint removal disc

The paint removal disc is made of high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as a substrate, and the resin elastomer and high-quality diamond are combined by a special process to form a high-strength, high-wear, honeycomb, soft-grinding wheel. The paint removal disc is sharper and more wear-resistant than traditional abrasive products. It is an ideal tool for surface treatment such as paint removal, rust removal and descaling, and this paint removal disc can achieve better quality than other grinding wheels, steel brushes, abrasive cloths and other tools. The paint removal disc does not damage the surface of the object, so that the working time is greatly reduced, the efficiency is greatly improved, a large amount of labor is saved, and greater economic benefits are created for you. Due to its high cost performance, it is increasingly welcomed by customers, this year we are about this product.

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