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How To Solve The Fracture Problem Of Belt
May 31, 2017

Sand belt in the use of the process will inevitably break the problem, then how to solve this problem?

1, the sand belt joint is not fastened, the crack, strengthens the production the quality control, satisfies the user the demand

2, the belt tension is too large, adjust the tension under the workload not to skid, the smaller the tension is better

3, in the transport or installation of sand with wrinkles or edge damage, the quality of the appearance before the installation to check, installed in accordance with the correct mode of operation

4, the work pressure is too big, reduces the pressure

5, cutting too deep, friction heat accumulation, reduce cutting depth or feed speed, or the use of coolant or cooling device

6, external debris into the sand belt and roll or plate between, remove debris, high efficiency of dust removal is the best preventive measures

7, the abrasive belt vibration excessive, chooses the low hardness contact wheel, examines the machine vibration condition or the sand belt quality

8, contact roller cone, contact roller or graphite pad and base not parallel grinding roller removal cone; reinstall, keep parallel

9, the machine operation is not normal, sand belt by the stroke switch break overhaul equipment (pay special attention to the paper base belt)

10, workpiece thickness difference is too large or part of overlapping impact sand belt installation for overlapping plates and super size parts of the protective device

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