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How To Carry The Sand Belt
May 31, 2017

What are the main advantages of abrasive belt grinding?

Features one: abrasive belt grinding equipment is simple. Compared with the grinding wheel grinder, the abrasive belt grinder is much simpler, because the abrasive belt is light, the grinding force is small, the vibration in the grinding process is small, and the rigidity and strength of the machine are much lower than that of the grinding wheel.

Features two: abrasive belt grinding operation is simple and the auxiliary time is few. Both manual and motorized abrasive belt grinding is easy to operate. This can be done in a very short period of time, from replacing the adjustment sand belt to the clamping of the machined workpiece.

Characteristic three: abrasive belt grinding ratio is big, machine tool power utilization is high, cutting efficiency is high. Reduces the amount of tools and energy consumed by the removal of materials of equal weight or volume, and takes less time.

Features four: abrasive belt grinding is very safe, noise and dust small, and easy to control, good environmental benefits.

Because the sand belt itself is very light in quality, even breaking is not dangerous. Abrasive belt grinding is not as serious as the grinding wheel, especially when dry grinding, debris composition is mainly processed workpiece material, easy to recover and control dust. Due to the use of rubber contact wheel, abrasive belt grinding will not be like the grinding wheel to form a rigid impact on the workpiece, so the processing noise is very small, usually Sian 70db.

After the production of abrasive belt grinding blunt can not be trimmed, need to be replaced often, consumption is larger. Since in the 1970 of the 20th century, abrasive belt grinding has been developing to large and efficient. One of the abrasive belt strong grinding speed has reached 40 m/s, grinding pressure for $number MPa, the amount of material per minute can be cut up to 500 centimeters 3.

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