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Classification Of Sandpaper
May 31, 2017

In actual use, the classification of sandpaper is very not uniform.

Sponge Sandpaper

Suitable for polishing the smooth parts, all kinds of materials can be.

Sponge sandpaper sand grinding process with high production efficiency, processed surface quality, low production cost characteristics, so in the furniture production has been widely used, the final quality of furniture products and sand grinding process has a close relationship. Sponge Sandpaper is the main tool of sand grinding process.

Dry abrasive paper

Dry abrasive sandpaper with synthetic resin as binder will be bonded to silicon carbide abrasives on the latex, and coated with anti-static coating made of high-grade products, with a blockage, anti-static, good flexibility, high wear-resistant advantages. A variety of fineness is available, suitable for grinding metal surfaces, putty and coatings. Dry abrasive sandpaper general selection of special Kraft paper and latex, natural and synthetic resin as binder, through the advanced high electrostatic sand production process, this product grinding efficiency is high, not easy to stick chip characteristics, suitable for dry grinding. Widely used in furniture, decoration and other industries, especially rough grinding.

Abrasive paper

More fine texture, abrasive sandpaper suitable for grinding some texture more delicate things, and suitable for post-processing;

Water Mill sandpaper Its sand grains between the clearance is small, grinding out of the debris is also smaller, and the use of the powder will be with water outflow, so to use together with water, if the water sandpaper dry grinding words will be left in the clearance of sand grains, so that the surface of sandpaper can not achieve its effect, and the dry sandpaper is not so troublesome, its sand between the gap larger grinding out of the larger it in the process of grinding due to large gaps in the reason will fall, so it does not need to be used with water.

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