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Analysis Of The Advantages Of Sand Belt
May 31, 2017

Abrasive belt grinding can process the surface quality and precision of various shapes of workpiece. Abrasive belt grinding can not only process common plane, inside and outside the surface of the workpiece, but also very high efficiency of processing surface quality and precision requirements are higher large or special-shaped pieces. For example:

Polishing process of large area plate. The maximum width of the grinding wheel is only 1000mm, and the sand belt can be more than 2500mm. At present, the widest known sand belt grinder uses up to 4900mm of sand bandwidth. The machining width of the common abrasive belt grinding is 50 2000mm and the processing thickness is 0.4 150mm. Its production rate is up to 1000 M. This wide abrasive belt grinding can be widely used in steel plate, stainless steel plate, silicon steel, aluminum plate, copper, particleboard, plywood, MDF, leather, insulating board, ceramic board and aerospace equipment, ships and nuclear physics research devices used in a variety of high-precision low roughness of large plates such as surface processing. The precision machining of the discontinuous plane such as the section of the engine gearbox can also be grinded with a wide abrasive belt, and can ensure better sealing than the traditional milling and planing surfaces.

Continuous polishing process for metal strip or wire. Because of the development of the wide abrasive belt grinding, so that the thin strip in the entire width of the same grinding conditions, not the local force too large, resulting in stress deformation, so Lenzagang belt, copper, aluminum strip and other alloy strip and other surfaces are suitable for continuous polishing with abrasive belt. Its processing width is 600 2100mm, the processing thickness is 0.1, the surface roughness value is Ra3.2, the strip running speed is 3. The planetary abrasive belt grinding provides a very effective and economical processing method for the polishing of rolled wires of stainless steel or other materials. The known wire-polishing diameter is 0.8.20mm. Continuous running speed 6e 150 Min.

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