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zirconia sanding belts
Feb 06, 2018

Zirconia sanding belts belong to hardware abrasives.

1. Zirconia sanding belts composition

Zirconia sanding belts by the zirconium corundum, adhesives, belt (emery cloth, paper and other substrates) composition.

2. Zirconia sanding belts characteristics

Zirconia sanding belts are proud of its slightly lower abrasive hardness, toughness value, high strength, crystal size smaller, good wear resistance, etc., it has good self-sharpening to maintain its excellent cutting performance, and the sand With good wear resistance.

3. zirconia abrasive belt grinding characteristics

Corundum belt in the entire grinding process, there are constantly new cutting edge to produce, to maintain the sharpness of the abrasive to increase the finish of the workpiece being ground. In particular, the third coating zirconia corundum belt, with self-lubricating effect, reducing the grinding zone temperature, the formation of cold grinding.

4. Zirconia abrasive belt applications

Zirconia sanding belts are mainly used for heavy-duty grinding, suitable for grinding heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium and austenitic stainless steel.

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