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what is non woven fabric sanding belt
May 31, 2018

non woven fabric sanding belt

non woven fabric.jpg

Non woven fabric, also known as nonwovens, consist of oriented or random fibers. Non woven fabric is called cloth because of its cloth's appearance and certain properties. The non-woven fabric has almost no tensile strength, so it is not possible to make the abrasive belt alone. Instead, non woven fabric sanding belt is compounded with other substrates to make a belt, so this is another composite belt that is formed when a non-woven fabric belt is used. The non-woven fabric is immersed with an abrasive and a binder, dried and cured to form a "non-woven abrasive cloth", and the "non-woven abrasive cloth" is attached to a cloth base or paper base with an adhesive, and then Belt. This kind of belt has good surface elasticity and good polishing properties, so non woven fabric sanding belt is often used to grind and polish the metal surface to obtain a very high degree of finish. Above paper, cloth or

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