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waht is electrostatic sand planting
May 03, 2018

Electrostatic sand-planting technology is a new type of sand-planting method developed in the 1950s, which corresponds to traditional gravity sand-planting. In the production process of coated abrasives, electrostatic sand planting refers to the use of high-voltage electrostatic fields, relying on the electrical properties of abrasives to make the abrasives become charged bodies and be adsorbed on the substrates coated with binders, forming excellent grinding Performance belt.


Electrostatic sand-blasting sand particles are absorbed by the electrostatic field and the shapes of sand grains are different. But overall, it can be considered that the point of action of the electric field force acts on the center of gravity of the sand particles, so that the large end of the sand grain is inward, the small head is pointed outward, and the big head is glued firmly on the belt base, and the sharp sanding outward is the sandpaper emery cloth sharpening , In accordance with the requirements of the use of coated abrasives.

Gravity-grained sand grains are poured up, and the sand grains are in different directions. It is impossible to make large heads point outwards inwards. Therefore, the firmness of sand binding and sharpness of grinding are not as good as electrostatic sand-planting.


Since the electrostatic sand-grained sand is absorbed by the electric field, the force of the electric field must be increased if the sand is large, that is, the voltage and current must be increased. However, increasing the voltage and current is subject to conditions, and it cannot be increased indefinitely. According to the current electrostatic high voltage generator's ability of up to 60,000 volts (ampere flow) and 120,000 volts DC, only 500 μm of fine silicon carbide grit and 250 μm of fine corundum grit are produced.

The gravity sand planting is from the top down, and the sand particles fall down by gravity. The thickness of the sand grain is not limited. The sandpaper sandpaper thicker than 500 μm is generally produced by the gravity sand planting process.

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