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The reason of affecting the service life of Sand Belt
May 31, 2017

1. Adhesive cover:

When a layer of metal material is covered in the abrasive cutting blade, that is, a sticky cap occurs, the surface of the sand belt becomes shiny and the hand feels slippery. The adhesive cover mainly takes place in the high strength metal materials, especially the hard and toughness material is more serious.

Insufficient grinding pressure is the main cause of the adhesive cover. For the material with high hardness, the pressure is not enough to cut into the workpiece, and it is difficult to crush the abrasive grains from sharp.

2. Grinding Blunt:

In the grinding process, although the abrasive grains still exist, but the sharpness is already very poor. This is because the abrasive cutting blade blunt because of wear, this phenomenon is called grinding blunt. Normal grinding Blunt is the end of the belt life, obviously we refer to the "grinding blunt" is not exhausted when the abrasive grains are not finished, mainly the choice of sand belt or improper use of the situation.

The abnormal wear and tear of sand belt seriously affects the service life of the belt, and greatly increases the processing cost, so it can not be neglected.

3. Jam:

The blockage is that the abrasive gap is quickly covered and stuffed before the abrasive cutting blade is completely worn out, thus depriving the abrasive belt of its cutting capacity. The causes of blockage are many, due to improper use, processing materials and sand belt selection, and so on:

Abrasive belt speed is too high to effectively cut into the workpiece, the same will be blocked and workpiece burns, at this time to reduce the sand belt speed.

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