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The difference between white velcro disc and yellow velcro disc
Dec 25, 2017

There are many kinds of material about the velcro disc: alumina, alumina with coated, silicon carbide and so on. Also, there are many color of the velcro disc. Among them, the white velcro disc and the yellow velcro disc is very popular.

The white velcro disc is made of alumina, semi-open coated,double resin binder and C-D paper backing. This product has a layer of zinc stearate coated on surface to prevent blockage of sand cloth by dust when grinding, and is suitable for grinding on painting surface especially in furniture and automobile industries. The dust holes reduce clogging and keep the work piece clean.

white velcro disc.jpg  

The yellow velcro disc is made of special alumina with yelow coated abrasive, imported European paper backing and double resin. It is specially for car painting, similar to 236U, 255P of 3M, and the golden from Mirka. You can paste in the circular board on the machine, and polishing to the body grinding.

velcro disc.jpg

These two items can be produced with velcro, PSA and adhesive.

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