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Production process and process of belt
May 31, 2017

(1) Shaving and singeing

Scraping, singeing is to remove the original cloth surface cotton velvet, cotton knot, impurities and other defects, through a spiral-shaped scraper, the surface of the fabric scraped, and then after the high temperature flame burned the surface of the fabric of the plush, then the surface of the gray fabric smooth. (2) Desizing degreasing

Desizing degreasing is to remove the cotton yarn dry slurry and fiber in the wax, it is through the soaking of lye to clear, desizing and degreasing cotton, easy to slurry absorption and infiltration.

(3) Dye impregnation and scraping

Because of the low requirement of the base color of the sand belt, the dyeing, impregnation and scraping are carried out together, that is, the dye dyes are directly impregnated and added into the slurry to achieve the dyeing purpose. The treatment of aquatic products, must be impregnated with resin, and generally not resistant to aquatic products, then with animal glue to impregnation.

(4) Tensile

Stretching includes both longitudinal and transverse drawing, longitudinal stretching pulls off part of the elongation and reduces the elongation of the finished product. Transverse stretching has the function of setting and drawing, which ensures the width of the cloth is controlled within a certain range.

(5) Calendering

Pressure light is the final process of the original cloth, the purpose is to make the cloth both flat and smooth, the uniformity of the coating to ensure the role.

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