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How to develop the abrasive belt of grinding material
May 31, 2017

Emery cloth to develop, the opportunity lies in 1959 for the founding of the 10 anniversary, then decided to trial production of MiG 17 fighter Shenyang Liming Machinery factory and the aviation industry of the Ninth Research Institute in the Soviet Union with the help of experts to do this project, and later in the process of manufacturing aircraft engines, the engine blades using grinding wheel Soviet experts suggested using sand belts. In this case, the Zhengzhou two sand and three grinding the responsibility. Because the Soviet Union and the domestic experts are unfamiliar with the belt, so with the help of the country, the British embassy found "modern coated abrasives" in English books. This book opens the door of the world's most advanced coated abrasives in China. Through the study of this book, Chinese experts began to understand the belt, but also began to produce sand belts. In 1960, the first annular belt in China was born in Shanghai and was born in Shanghai grinding Wheel factory.

The 1973 Cultural Revolution is nearing its end, one machine department received an invitation letter from Siederbrunneck University of Technology, said in the letter, will be held in 1973 in Siederbrunneck in Britain, the United States, France, West Germany and other 33 countries to participate in the seminar, focusing on "abrasive material abrasive belt and CBN superhard materials Development and application." This is the second opportunity for the development of China's sand belt, when the Cultural Revolution is about to pass, with a world-vision turnaround that during the Cultural Revolution, China's advanced technology development in the blindness, it is necessary to take this opportunity to understand the foreign advanced technical development. Therefore, China has grasped the opportunity of this development, so sent by three mills, two sand and Shanghai machine Tool factory The tripartite joint delegation to participate in the high-level technical seminar in West Germany, in this meeting, China saw the foreign highly mechanized, automated and comprehensive quality control system of sand belt production line and high-quality sand belt products.

By 1978, China's reform and opening up, the first major technology import projects in the central government, a department of the "Development and introduction of broadband production technology projects" in the planning, and pointed out that the project is responsible for the implementation of the second sand in Zhengzhou. Second Sand party committee and its leadership also attaches great importance to this. The introduction of the 60 's a variety of equipment has been lagging behind, to introduce new technology has encountered a lot of problems, such as the problem of money, such as the introduction of the wide belt project to face a lot of uncertainties, such as the sand belt market in the end how big? The production of sand belt of nearly hundred kinds of raw materials in the country can be found? How to absorb the imported advanced technology in China? How many years will it take to pay for such a big investment? There is also a very sensitive question is, after the introduction of success, the second sand to the brothers factory is open? Not open, external criticism of the two sand conservative, open is equal to two sand money for others to do wedding clothes!

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