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how to choose velcro sanding discs
Jun 06, 2018

how to choose velcro sanding discs

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Only by selecting the appropriate type of velcro sanding discs, reasonable grinding procedures, and the correct combination of grain sizes can the superiority and economy of product grinding be brought into play in order to ensure the quality of the processed workpieces.

The ideal temperature: 18°C~22°C

Ideal humidity: 40% to 65%

Velcro sanding discs should not be stored in places with large changes in temperature and humidity. Excessive temperatures will cause aging of the binder and reduce the service life of velcro sanding discs. Synthetic fiber base sandpaper (such as polyester cloth belt) is sensitive to cold and cannot Store in a cold warehouse.

If the humidity is too high or too low, the velcro sanding discs will be deformed. These deformations will reduce the adhesive strength of the sandpaper layer. In particular, the impact of excessive humidity on sandpaper is quite serious. In addition to water-resistant sandpaper, the sandpaper is often used after it has been dampened. It is prone to discounts, wrinkles, etc., and causes sandpaper to be scrapped. In addition, when the wet sandpaper is ground, the grinding material easily adheres to the surface of the sandpaper and reduces the service life of the velcro sanding discs.

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