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how to choose the abrasive cloth
May 21, 2018

how to choose the abrasive cloth

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The fabric matrix is classified according to the raw materials used, including natural fibers, synthetic fibers, modified fibers, etc. It is divided into cloth structure, including plain weave, twill weave and satin weave, and is expressed in units of cloth weight (g/m2). Heavy cloth, medium cloth, and light cloth. For the different classification of cloth, each country and each large company has its own specific indicators and regulations for classification. These indicators are generally specified in the technical indicators of belts. When selecting, we must pay attention to the relevant regulations. For example, the commonly used belts, whether they are processed metal materials or non-metals such as wood, are mostly medium-sized or light-weight belts. If a multi-joint wide belt is required, The medium-sized or heavy-duty fabric base made of cotton fiber satin weave is used for heavy-duty grinding (grinding with heavy load), heavy-duty cloth or polyester fiber belt is used, and most of the various types of wood are used Heavy-duty cloth or polyester fiber matrix. Abrasive belts with a particularly low elongation are required, often using hemp fiber as a matrix material. Cloth matrix belts are generally used in metal processing.

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