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glue for velcro sanding discs
Jul 12, 2018

glue for velcro sanding discs

velcro sanding discs.jpgvelcro sanding discs composite velvet glue

First, the product description

This product consists of a copolymer of acrylate and functional monomers. It is the latest development of Shanghai Liyou Company for non-porous materials such as PVC plastic, leather, EVA foam cloth and sponge, textile, non-woven fabric, glass mesh cloth and so on. Especially suitable for the production of velcro sanding discs.

Second, physical indicators

Appearance: milky white liquid

PH value: 5-6

Ionicity: anion

Solid content: 45±1%

Third, the performance characteristics

Products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Easy to operate, it is self-crosslinking type without adding additives

Good initial tack, fast drying speed, high composite strength and good water resistance

Fourth, the operation process

1, manual or mechanical roller coating

2. The temperature of the roller is hot-pressed at 100-150 °C.

3. When cleaning the machine, it can be washed directly with water when the glue is not dry.

Five, packaging, preservation

The product should be placed in a cool, dry environment

Plastic buckets should not be exposed for a long time, otherwise the surface will crust

Shelf life one year

50 kg 1000 kg plastic drum packaging

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