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flap wheel use precautions
Dec 27, 2017

The use of Note:

1. Please select the right use environment, try to choose the indoor operation, the indoor environment, no messy phenomenon, when you use the flap wheel, you should also pay attention to attention, can not be half-hearted, so as to avoid accidents. If you use the outdoor environment, try to choose a quiet environment.

2. In the grinding process, should be kept at room temperature, sanding products can not be contaminated water, so as not to slip.

3. During sanding, sanding products should be kept parallel to the working level. Second, the user mastered the intensity, not neglect.

4. Any flap wheel has its own wear and tear requirements of use, wear a certain extent, you must re-replace the new flap wheel. Can not be used to save the material on the ultra-wear, which is a very unsafe violation. In general, we repair or replace the flap wheel in the process, with a stupid way to be able to detect whether there is a rift flap wheel, can use the flap wheel gently tap with a stick, listen to the sound of percussion, If it is crisp sound, you can use, if issued a dull dull sound, the flap wheel has cracks and other undesirable phenomena.

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