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Disk sand use small common sense
May 31, 2017

Sandpaper in all areas of life is used incisively and vividly, whether plastic industry, metal industry, construction industry or automotive industry are widely used. Various industries for the use of sandpaper different requirements, some according to the characteristics of grinding tools, some according to the shape of sandpaper, material and other characteristics of the selection of sandpaper. In fact, the disc sand is also a kind of sandpaper, and the disc sand is because the shape and application of the way is not the same, so just give it a new name, is also a paper sandpaper another abbreviation.

The disc sand can be divided into two kinds, the perforated disk sandpaper and the perforated disk sandpaper, the disk sand with holes is convenient to discharge the waste crumbs from the hole when polishing the object, and improve the grinding efficiency. The disk sand is mainly glued to the high-speed rotating disk, dedicated machine or portable machine, using sandpaper for grinding, most of the hard and brittle paint kind of grinding, the use of convenient effect is significant, but the use of disk sand in the process will produce a lot of dust, affecting environmental health, which is the disk sand in the operation of an unavoidable disadvantage.

The use of sandpaper dipped in water or soapy water can be used in the process can reduce the wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save material, effortless. But after the mill should pay attention to spraying the lower layer, and to wait until the mill layer completely dry to paint the lower layer, otherwise the paint is very easy to pan white, some absorbent substrate does not recommend water, with the purpose of ensuring the quality of the disc sandpaper, in order to be polished before the tool to test.

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