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Coated abrasives industry want to have a new outlet must change the development model
May 31, 2017

Abrasives industry in China, has always been a high energy consumption and pollution of the hardest hit areas, especially since the reform and opening-up, the rapid development of private enterprises, a large number of home-made equipment and the application of backward technology, resulting in high energy consumption and environmental pollution more serious, has reached the point of intolerable, abrasive abrasive industry to take the road to reduce emissions, improve the quality of coated abrasives products, occupied the mid-range product market, become the only way to develop abrasives industry.

Coated abrasives refers to the use of binders to attach abrasives to the flexible substrate (cloth or paper, etc.) made of abrasives, and the grinding wheel, sand tile, oil stone, grinding head, grinding cream together, constitute the six varieties of abrasive, which are often used mechanically or manually, widely used in metal materials, wood, ceramics, plastics, leather, rubber and paint putty, such as non-metallic material grinding, polishing and polishing. With the development of the industry and the increase of coated abrasives products, its scope of service is more and more wide, such as aerospace, automotive, machining, wood processing, glass, shipbuilding, construction, bicycles, Gold expo stainless steel products, cemented carbide products and parts of the surface grinding, polishing, decoration, should be selected coated abrasives.

At present, coated abrasives industry is a resource consumption and environmental pollution industry, is under the government departments in the administrative examination and approval and tax rate, export, price economic means restrictions. At the same time, with 3M, VSM, Saint-Gobain, Sia, deer and other veteran coated abrasives manufacturers to invest in research and development, the speed of application of new technologies, materials and equipment is speeding up, the primary task of the industry is technological innovation, increase the investment in development, increase the technical content of products, shorten the gap with the advanced peers in the world, adjust the product structure, change the mode of economic growth and increase the contribution rate of resource consumption.

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