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Classification of disk Sand
May 31, 2017

The disk sand from the fitting to classify can be divided into two main types, back gum disk sand and back velvet disk sand (also known as self-adhesive disk sand and velvet disk sand); ' The velvet disk sand is for the hole-free velvet-coated paper and the belt-hole velvet disk sandpaper. The disk sand with holes is easy to be discharged from the hole during the grinding of the object and improve the grinding efficiency. There are other classification methods, such as the size of size, the common 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch diameter of the disk sand, can be used in the diameter of the disk sand area 23m-235mm.

Also from the sand surface of the disk to classify, common has white sand surface disk sand, red sand surface disk sand, yellow sand surface disk sand, there is very rare, blue sand surface disk sand, green sand surface disk sand. There is also a classification of raw materials from the disc sandpaper, divided into silicon carbide disk sandpaper and brown corundum disk sandpaper, Silicon carbide disk sandpaper can be divided into green silicon carbide disk sandpaper and black silicon carbide disk sandpaper. Brown corundum Disk sandpaper can be divided into ordinary brown corundum disk sand, calcined brown corundum sand, iridium-coated brown corundum disk sand, semi-brittle corundum disk sand and so on. Disc Grit number divided into 40 # microcrystalline $number $number $number # 220 240 320 360 # 600 # 1000 1200 1 # 2000 3000 4000 5000

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