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Back velvet sandpaper grinding different roles in various programs
May 31, 2017

Back Velvet sandpaper has different thickness, general with the number of eyes, grain size to indicate that the common have P60, P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400, different thickness of granularity applied in different processes. The different roles played in the different grinding processes in the coating technology are mainly as follows:

(1) coarse grinding, generally used P60, P80, sanding, mainly grinding off the surface of the substrate burr, floating rust, oil, dust and so on;

(2) in grinding, generally with P120, P180, P240 grinding, mainly in order to reduce the product coating surface roughness, such as scraping the product surface of the putty is usually rough, all need to rely on sandpaper sanding to smooth;

(3) fine grinding, generally with P320, P400, P600 and other disk sandpaper polishing, to enhance the adhesion of the coating, paint coating, etc. in the smooth surface has more excellent adhesion.

Thus, sandpaper is a progressive coating role of one of the important work, in the whole process of the object painting, not only white and scraping putty during the needs of grinding, brush primer and brush finish after polishing. It is the role of paint and the strength of the key process and important guarantee.

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